History of the Port Kembla Pumas Football Club



Port Kembla Pumas Football Club to be recognised as the premier amateur football club in the Illawarra region.



Port Kembla Pumas Soccer Club provides opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy a lifetime involvement with Football. Players enjoy the mate ship and enjoyment of football in a professional environment and are given the opportunity to continue playing the game they love after their career as an elite player has ceased.  


Players who play for the club enjoy consistent on field success and will be provided with safe, above standard facilities. Members, families and players alike enjoy their involvement with football in a safe, friendly, comfortable and family oriented environment. They have the opportunity to become involved at all levels of the football club and will be rewarded with the ongoing success of the club. Members have access to quality facilities to enhance their enjoyment of the game and the football club.



To encourage and develop players, members, administrators and supporters in the sport of football and to reach their full potential through this participation.


To remain in and be continually successful in the Community league competitions held under the auspices of Football South Coast.


To provide team opportunities for players to continue to participate at the highest standard of competition available to them.


To provide the best possible facilities so that our members and supporters can enjoy their ongoing involvement with our club in a safe, clean and family friendly environment.


To provide our corporate partners with value for money packages that will provide them with a commercially sound edge over their competitors. This will be achieved through direct support where practical and the ongoing promotion to our club members and supporters via various mediums.




The Port Kembla Pumas Football Club is a local family soccer club which was formed in 1997, by Orlando Chiodo, Lino Leone and Albert Ciocci.  


The club has teams playing in the All Age Men’s and Over 35’s men's leagues in the Illawarra Community League competition.  The club adopted the black “Puma” as its mascot as it engenders a sense of loyalty, commitment and strength.  The significance was also to entrench the desire of all players who wore the jersey to continue playing the game they love, football.  


Our original club colours were Black and White stripes, based on the famous colours of "La Vecchia Signora" of Italian football, Juventus Football Club.


Nowadays, our colours are predominately black with white piping and we are the most well-known football club in the amateur playing ranks in the Illawarra.


The club has a rich history of players whom played in the Illawarra Premier League for close to two decades.  We are a family club, where players have played with each other and seen marriages, births, deaths


and business ideas come together over our love for football and an espresso, home-made biscotti and who can make the best salami.  


In 2019 Port Kembla Pumas FC, have been joined by the formally known Illawarra Stallions to then the Cringila Stallions to now our 2nd Grade team the Port Puma Stallions. Founded in 2007 by Claudio Curcio & Daniel Roccazzella they bring a long standing relationship with the Illawarra community, and are the current league and grand final champions from 2018. We look forward to a prosperous future with the Stallions and Pumas. 



The success of the club has been built on three pillars - Football, Family and Commitment. Having started with one team in 1997, the club now has 5 teams spread across 4 divisions in the Illawarra Community League.  


Former NSL/A-League and Premier League players have donned the Black and White of the Pumas (e.g.: Peter Frino, Robert Gonzales, Jock Morlando, Chad Bishop, Claude Cellini, Sasho Petrovski, Alex Viselli, Dino D'Amico and George Antoniou to name a few).   The club has approximately 120 active players and currently 2 of the 5 teams Grand Final winners for the 2016 season just completed.  Of the teams, the success of the club can be measured by the success of the following:


Puma Kembla Pumas (All Age Division 1):

  • Grand finalists for 15 years in succession

  • Winner of 12 grand finals

  • League Champions in 15 of 19 seasons


Port Kembla Kings (Masters Division 1):

  • Grand Finalists successive seasons (2014, 2015 & 2016)

  •  Grand Final winners in successive seasons (2014, 2015 & 2016)


Port Kembla Masters (All Age Division 4):

  • Semi Finalist 2016

  • Grand Finalists: 2015, 2009, 2006, 2002

  • Grand final winners 2003, 2005 and 2008


Port Kembla Massives (All Age Division 2):

  • Semi Finalists 2014, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2004


Port Kembla City (Masters Division 2):

  • Grand Finalists 2018

  • Minor Premiers 2017

  • Grand Finalists 2016

  • Grand final winners 2014 (Division 3)

  • Semi-finalists 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 (Division 3)