Important Information 

Player welfare has become a hot topic among all sporting codes and at our club, this remains our number one priority, to keep players, volunteers and supporters safe whilst at their games.
In 2017, after the tragic death of Antony Stott of a cardiac incident, the club made the decision to purchase a defibrillator.  The club was able to secure funding through an initiative by Football South Coast, the IMB Bank Foundation, Member for Keira, MP Ryan Park and our principal sponsor, The Fraternity Club to make the purchase.  It is through their hard work that many clubs, including our own, have been able to secure the device.
This life saving device has played a role in the survival of people from all walks of life who have
suffered a cardiac incident. Within the club there are members who are trained in CPR and the use
of the AED device.
The clubs aim is to continue to provide a safe and harmonious environment for all who participate in this 
great game of football, the world game!